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New year = new addition to the service menu with all my curl friends in mind. Yes you with the curly hair you have no idea what to do with. For so long we've been trained to manipulate our hair instead of learning to embrace the crown God gave us. I'm bridging the gap on curly and natural hair services by introducing Carolina Curl. This service addition solely focuses on your natural curl, no matter your pattern. Keep up with the movement, top picks and how-to's by following us on instagram link below. Tag us to be featured and be sure to use hashtag #thecarolinacurl .


Spa Mist II is the something I've been searching for to elevate my salon services. Offering real results that last beyond your hair appointment, spa mist II delivers luxurious treatments to both hair and scalp. Spa Mist makes a fine mist of warm microscopic water particles that are easily absorbed into the hair & scalp. Give your hair the attention it deserves, Book this service for your curls (Carolina Curl + Spa Mist) or next blowout (Blow + Spa Mist) service. Gentlemen your not left out, Hydrate your scalp and beard like no other place in the city with (Scalp/Beard Mist) service.



Kristy Hyde Hair is proud to announce our new affiliation with Olaplex. This product line is a 3 step process that aims to repair and prevent future hair damage. Great for all hair types, especially color treated & heat damaged hair. Use of olaplex helps hair become strong, healthier and shinier.  This system relinks the bonds responsible for increasing elasticity mending them back together. If your hair is damaged by heat or chemicals this is the perfect remedy for you. By purchasing from link below you're also helping this small biz in a BIG way.


Gluten Free products are in and embrace all hair types including curl friends. Verb hair care is made easy to use and easy on your wallet. No parabens, No sulfate, Verb products are only the good stuff! Kristy Hyde Hair is also a Verb friend. Our friendship allows clients to purchase products online plus receive 10% off your first order. Every time a purchase is made from this link you're also helping this small biz in a BIG way. Click link below and have your favorite products delivered right to your home.